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Vattanac Golf Resort aims to bring to the Cambodian golf scene the latest technologies of the golf industry. This will definitely elevate our guests’ experience and ultimately help to grow the game in Cambodia.

Our current state-of-the-art technologies include Eagle Try automation system for the driving range and Trackman 4 launch monitors.

In the next few months many other features will be added to Vattanac Golf Resort’s golf academy, making it the leader of the Asian region.

Watch this space to get news about all the cutting edge technologies we will have available soon at Vattanac Golf Resort!

Golf lesson Trackman 4

The industry-leading technology Trackman 4 is the most powerful and accurate golf launch monitors.

“Dual Radar Technology” is a radical transformation in the way radar technology is used in golf nowadays.

One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during, and after impact (the parameters such as club path and face angle, swing direction and spin loft).

The other radar system tracks the ball flight (the parameters such as launch angle, spin rate and curvature).

The golfers can get a deeper understanding of their performance, their numbers and, as a result, an amazing opportunity for improving the game.

Trackman 4 is an outstanding advanced technology for golf instruction, coaching, fitting and entertainment.

Currently all lessons at our golf academy are offered with Trackman 4.


EagleTry is a well-known driving range automation system, developed by Nanotech Services Ltd. – the company with over than 20 years of experience in golf-related technologies.

Currently over than 20,000 bays in 14 countries are equipped with EagleTry.
In the automated ball management system, the balls’ delivery to the tee is done automatically.

Auto tee-up machine switch box allows to adjust tee height which is a great advantage in comparison with unautomated driving ranges. On the LED display you could also see some useful information such as remaining balls and tee height.

In addition, the automated driving range makes golf practice more efficient and provides better hygiene standard as it is a completely contactless technology.

Visit our driving range at Vattanac Golf Resort to experience EagleTry technology!

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